Can breast cancer be prevented?

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Rather than promising total protection, breast cancer prevention works on lowering the things that put people at risk. Maintaining a healthy weight, working out regularly, drinking less alcohol, not smoking, and eating a varied diet full of fruits, veggies, and whole foods can all lower the chance. It may also lower risk to breastfeed if you can. Regular checking with mammograms and clinical breast checks helps find problems early, which improves the success of treatment. Genetic tests and education can find genetic risks so that preventative steps can be taken. It's not possible to completely remove the risk, but living a healthy life, learning about your own personal risk factors, and getting regular screenings can make it much less likely that you will get breast cancer. Research and knowledge of risk factors are also getting better, which makes protection methods better.
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Notă: informațiile prezentate pe site-ul au rolul de a informa și susține pacienții cu cancer sau aparținătorii acestora, însă nu pot substitui vizita la medic, diagnosticul și tratamentul oferit de acesta în mod direct. Nu ne asumăm nicio răspundere cu privire la efectele pe care acest site le poate avea asupra dvs.
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